Dr. Ramani Goa Marathon – An excellent event in its own. Running on the smooth roads of Ponda and nearby areas is always a lovely experience. And when you know that the organisers are taking utmost care of you and fellow runners, the excitement of running the marathon just doubles. The entire team works way to hard towards making the event a grand success and leaving memories worth cherishing for years. They also work amazingly to make sure all their participants go home with smiles on their faces. From enough hydration throughout the course to delicious after-race refreshments, they know how to keep the runners hydrated and full. Kudos to the entire team, kudos to Dr. Ramani Goa Marathon.

Pablo Erat

I view back at the event with great appreciation and a warm feeling in my heart. Based on the generous invitation of my friend Dr. Ramani, I flew in from Switzerland and arrived the night before the race. The atmosphere on race morning was vibrant. I was amazed to see how big the starting field was and was impressed by the level of professionalism of the race organization. Due to lack of preparation, travel fatigue and jet-lag my own run became a big struggle but the pain in my legs quickly disappeared as I was welcomed by Dr. Ramani with open arms at the finishing line. I would like to express my deep gratitude to his team for organizing such a professional event, which allowed all participants enjoy an unforgettable and emotionally rewarding day.

Sunil & Sangeeta Shetty:

Myself and Sangeeta were invited by Dr Ramani to be celebrity runners for Dr Ramani Goa Marathon which was held on 4th November 2018 at Ponda, as part of his 100th marathon.

The route was very scenic and went through villages and a river. The course was a bit tough with inclines at regular intervals. The race was very well organised and the team did a great job. The traffic was blocked  for the entire stretch and there were ample and well stocked aid stations along the route. There were enough volunteers along the route to guide the runners.

After the race, nice healthy breakfast was served to all participants. The uniqueness of this race was the lighting of the torch before the race, like done at Olympics. Dr Ramani was personally interacting with people and was totally in charge of the event.

We would love to be part of this race again.

Dr P S Ramani

I ran my 100th marathon in the 80th year of my life. When I reached the finish point, I suddenly felt a sense of achievement which I have not even imagined. On thinking coolly, it is a tribute to perseverance, hard work, dedication, discipline and humility. The present era is restless and wishes to achieve quick overnight success without possessing the qualities as mentioned as above. They do not realize that success achieved quickly may not last long and definitely may not be responsible for long lasting happiness. Many things can be achieved in life with a cool mind, modest living, social touch and humility.

I am utilizing this space to convey this message to the younger generation who participate in the marathons and who are in a position to create revolution with a proper frame of mind. Indeed marathon is a good medium as long distance running helps you to establish rapo with nature, train mind for meditation which in turn rationalizes thinking.

Dr. Anand Patil

I was privileged to be invited to run Dr. Ramani Goa Marathon 2018 as celebrity runner. Essentially I am a triathlon runner but this invitation thrilled me a lot.

I have run on this route few times in the past and as such the route is familiar to me. It is a big difficult due to several ups and downs. My pleasure came from the fact that I was running with other celebrity marathoners who were invited to participate in this marathon but more so because Ramani sir was running his 100th marathon in this event. The memory will remain life long with me.

On 15 Aug 2018, 80 + yrs old Dr. PS  Ramani run Mumbai Ultramarathon for 12 hours from 5.00 am till 5.00 pm running to and fro between shivaji park to worli sea face tirelessly and enthusiastically has inspired hundreds of participants like me. This one incidence itself deserves to be included in the Guinness book of world records. His multifaceted personality – world renowned neurosurgeon, academician, senior most recreational athlete, social entrepreneur, writer and his simple and humanistic approach has taught a lot to budding surgeons like me and other runners.  His down to earth attitude has always taught me many virtues of life.

After finishing the Amsterdam marathon a few years back, I asked him, “Sirji, how is it possible for you to be so punctual and meticulous at such an advanced stage in life? His response,“There is plenty of information, but lack of common sense,There is plenty of knowledge, but paucity of wisdom, There is no dearth of energy, but lack of skill.” The desire to fill those gaps is what derives me. I used these versesto empower and enrich myselfusing information with common sense, knowledge with wisdom and skillful use of energy. I tried to learn from him, how to use simple data for maximum output.

Once he told me. “If youminimize your needs, many of the problems we face, can be dealt easily by the application of common sense and wisdom.

I consider myself lucky to participate in many runs with him. His Goa marathon, has become a dynamic  platform for us striders. Many of us eagerly await to participate year after year, to enjoy the hospitality of the Ramani family during this event.

Simion Kiplagat Too, Kenya, Africa

I have run Dr Ramani Goa Marathon several times, including a few times when the marathon was being conducted from Dr Ramani’s village. I always enjoyed running on this route. It is very beautiful and runs through villages, temples, village bazaars and one gets to know the rural India very well through this route.

Running a marathon is not always improving your time or winning a prize. I have done this in several major marathons in the world but this marathon has taught me how to enjoy your life, mix with people and remain humble. Every year, the organizers of Dr Ramani Goa Marathon are warm and cordial and it adds further to my pleasure. This is a small marathon in comparison to several bigger marathons that I run but every time in the end I have felt I have gained something.

I will look forward to running the marathon next year.

Sanjay Gaude

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the information and honor to run as a celebrity runner in Dr Ramani Goa Marathon 2018. I belong to Ponda and the route is familiar to me. It was a great pleasure to run the route as a celebrity to commemorate 80 years of age of Ramani Sir and I was extremely thrilled to run along with him when he was doing his 100th marathon. I felt nervous to look at him and wondered whether I’ll still be able to run on this beautiful route myself when I’m 80. The extravaganza of the marathon was fantastic and the organizers left no stone unturned to make the run very comfortable for the runners. I am sure all the runners will be looking forward to join the marathon again on 3rd November, 2019.

Saishwar Guntuk, Maharashtra

I am 7 years old but I have passion for running and I have already few marathons. I thoroughly enjoyed running on Dr Ramani Goa Marathon route. This was my first marathon in Goa. The route was tough with rolling hills passing through villages, river and hills. The route was indeed challenging and difficult but I enjoyed it and was very happy to feel that I was strong when I crossed the finish line. I am very thankful to Dr Ramani Goa Marathon for inviting me. The hospitality was awesome and I was treated most honorably. I really felt I was a celebrity. I thank the entire team for looking after me and my family. I was also thrilled to see my flex along the route and seeing myself on the large LED screen on the ground. was a moment I thoroughly enjoyed.